Friday, August 29, 2014

Cross Country

Good job at the meet last week guys. It was pretty awesome.

My Bedroom Writing

Here is my room….
My new room is hot as the desert with no air conditioning. I have a small fan that blows a cooling breeze. A small vent in my floor brings some air, but not much from downstairs. Halfway covering my vent is my beige night stand with ivory vines and butterflies as the design; my desk and dresser are of the same design. On my night stand I have my clay projects from the years past, full of different colors and shapes. My collection of snow globes and two small musical merry-go rounds sit on top of my dresser. Above my desk I have a window overlooking a peaceful park across the street. With the kids playing and the trees blowing in the wind, it is a calming setting. In the same corner of my room I have a jumbo toy hammock and bright blue pet hotel full of my stuff animals big and small, little and tall, and full of bright and cheery colors.

Sitting on the window sill is my large box of treasures full of my medals from swim meets or from school, my ribbons from art shows and swim meets, my participation awards from school, and my trophies from Awana Grand Prix and swim meets. In my reading corner are two book shelves with books ranging from mysteries like Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, to oldies like How To Eat Fried Worms, to non-fiction books like Rangers Apprentice. The book shelves are made of a beautiful oak wood. My open closet sits in the corner of the wall full of my cloth treasures. From beautiful dresses to plain shirts my closet is full.

I am rich beyond measure.

Friday, August 22, 2014