Friday, December 12, 2014

Nebraska Poem

the sun rises
covering everything in gold
the ground sparkles with morning dew
plants softly dancing in the wind
oceans of corn, soybean, wheat 
fresh air fills my nose as
I breath in and out in and out
captivated I walk further along
I see the animals roaming like deer and buffalo
cattle, rabbit, and squirrel
oh, how beautiful is Nebraska
covered in its golden coat

Concrete Poem

Persona Poem

List Poem


O'Neill High School
Da Home 
Hynes Street
Da Favorite Pet
O'Neill Eagle
Da Favorite Colors 
Blue an White
Da Activities
Sports and Music
Da Special Skills 
Filling young heads with 
da words of learning.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Found Poem

Inspired by: Elie Wiesel

Mountains of compassion 
Show no joy 
in the battle to be free

Endless victims
of injustice 
so much violence 
so much darkness

valiant and brave soldiers
to fight for America
such a flawed history

My dog

My dog.
he runs across the room
back and forth
wagging his tale
back and forth
banging into the walls
back and forth
he runs across the room
wanting to play
back and forth
My dog.


the freeze crawling across my skin
snow sparkling like diamonds in the morning sun
peaceful and untouched
endless white
frosty and cold

steaming hot chocolate
rosy cheeks
lively laughter
crunching snow under children's boots

pearly white

roaring of the screaming wind
the battle in the snow


Daring myself
Are these the right choices
Run faster choose quicker
Knocking against the walls
Never knowing if I can leave
Ending in black
Stunning darkness
Scary darkness

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Moving slowly through the fog
Only to find
No end to the fog there she meet him
She was swallowed by the monster
Terrified she tried to run
Each step she took was agony
Running from her nightmare

Extended Metaphor Poem

Tears are Poison 

The agony, it overpowers me
It is a way out
A way from the pain 
A way from the nightmare 
The hurt kills me and
fills me with hate
The poison is a way out
A way out