Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspiration Essay

Corey Fisher 
Inspiration Essay

What do you think of when you hear high school principal. Strict and mean or do you think of someone who is inspiring to hundreds of students each day? The principal at OHS, Mr. Fisher, inspires me for the efforts he has put through to get to where he is now.

Do you know people who have adopted kids, well Mr. Fisher and his wife have adopted two girls, five year old Briley and two year old Brenna. They adopted the young girls through Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska and they were both open adoption. This means that the girls birthmothers chose Mr. Fisher and his wife to be the girls family once they were born.

Mr. Fisher started out as a business major in college. He realized after two years that he didn't have any goals for himself there, so he switched into education. After making the switch, he had to go to school longer than he had planed to in the first place. Although through the obstacles he says he wouldn’t change a thing.

Success always comes back to the goals you set. Corey Fisher had set many goals like going to college and getting a job. Although he says that his greatest success is his wonderful career. If you are will to complete and reach for your goals you can reach success. Anyone can do it.

Now what do you think of when you hear high school principle. Proud father, hard working, or do you regret that you never really not to know your principle. Mr. Fisher has inspired me ever since he came to my school, and he is the reason why O’Neill High School is such a great place to be.